Terrific thin crust pizza! Truly NY style (I was born in Brooklyn--I know). There is another pizzeria in Rochester that has NY style pizza, but Linda's prices are substantially less. Linda is also a generous supporter of Cameron Ministries, an inner city non-profit that serves the poorest community in all of Rochester. Thank you Linda!

- Jonathan Papkin on 01/31/2018

Amazing! REAL NY pizza here! I have been searching for REAL pizza in the 2 years since I moved here from there Hudson Valley Region of NY. Nothing! has come close. Daily I long for a slice of pizza, but nothing has come close. I've even resorted to bringing pies back when I go down home. Now I don't have to! Your place is not my pizza place! Thank you

- Coreen on 08/23/2017

I have to admit when my new neighbor moved in and said they owned a great pizza shop that made New York sytle pizza I was skeptical. I am born and raised from NYC and have had a hard time finding a pizza here in upstate NY that reminds me of home. But tonight I decided to give it a shot. Needless to say I was very happy as the pizza was delicious and the cut even reminded me of NYC as the slices we're thin and long. Great flavor. So glad I enjoyed it cause would have been wierd having my new neighbor seeing me get delivery from another pizza shop but now that won't be an issue as I will be definitely getting my pizza here from now on! Great pizza nice staff and happy to say new neighbor! Lol

- Dennis Babiarz on 07/03/2017

First time eating here. People on the phone were very polite. They told me the delivery would take 30-45 minutes. Its like pulling teeth to get other pizza shops to delivery to w main st for some reason but they didn't blink. The delivery showed up in 22 minutes. Delivery guy was the nicest delivery guy i may have ever talked to. Now the pizza, the pizza was delicious. I just got back from New York city yesterday and i was disappointed with the couple pizza shops i went into. I was looking for a big floppy slice of pizza but instead I got a little ceasers type slice at the places i walked into. When i got home I still want a good ny slice. This pizza did not let me down. I just buried a medium pizza by myself. Sooo good. I'm very satisfied and I would highly recommend Linda's NY Pizza! You folks at Linda's are doing a great job! Keep up the good work. In my experience it is rare to find a place with good food and a polite staff. This place has both!!!

- Ian on 03/10/2017

I live in Brockport, but this is the only pizza we love on the Rochester area. Will pick it up on our way home from work. Extra large with cheese is a favorite.

- Caterina on 03/10/2017

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